Representational image of cloud computing.

Preparing for the DNA computation paradigm shift

In “The Construction of Scientific Revolutions,” physicist and thinker Thomas Kuhn launched the idea of a paradigm shift, which he used to explain a basic change within the primary framework of considering in pure sciences. All through historical past, nonetheless, such paradigm shifts have occurred not simply in pure sciences however throughout your complete spectrum of human endeavor, offering options to issues that seemed to be insurmountable below the outdated paradigm.

The sector of information storage and computation is a working example. Because the demand for creation, retention, and information computation solely ever elevated with time, the present computing paradigm requires enterprises to construct information constantly facilities the dimensions of soccer fields and nuclear energy crops to energy them. Right here, the dearth of sources and capabilities to construct this stuff rapidly sufficient indefinitely is just not as necessary as the truth that the present computing paradigm is just not suitable with a scalable resolution.


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